HOWTO: Paludis

Paludis is source-based package manager written in C++, used in Exherbo as default one or in Gentoo-based distributives on demand.

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First in this year

There are my screenshots of desktop, 8 Jan 2015.

WM: dwm, which is way much better than i3. Yes, it’s not that simple to configure but dwm is very fast and stable.

Terminal is sakura. Mostly terminals aren’t working correctly if you disable their scrollbar and menubar – instead of resizing window lefts free space on right and bottom sides. Bug shown on xfce-terminal, rxvt-unicode and a couple more. Yet sakura and tilda work great so that’s why i’m using them now.


Text editor is Sublime Text 3, opened fish config.


File Manager is Double Commander.


Firefox configured for using tabs without labels.


Audio Player is deadbeef, git version.


HOWTO: Recommendations for gentoo chroot installation


How gentoo should work? You know how, only you, it’s your system. But sometimes people can forget about it. Want more?

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Gentoo overlay

If you’re gentoo user you can add this overlay by link:

HOWTO: showing a title of focused window in bar (i3wm)

There is no title of focused window in i3bar by default, but it can be reached in many different ways. So it’s my way to do it.

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My current desktop

This is my desktop screenshots at 05 Nov, 2014:

OS: Gentoo
WM: i3
Terminal: urxvt


Music player: deadbeef


Web Browser: Firefox


Text Editor: Sublime Text 3